Brett Hollenbeck

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I am an Assistant Professor at UCLA Anderson School of Management. My research is in empirical industrial organization and quantitative marketing. You can find my CV here.

Check the data page if you are interested in any of the data used in my papers.

Find me on: SSRN, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Scholar


Detecting Fake Review Buyers Using Network Structure: Direct Evidence from Amazon” (with Sherry He, Gijs Overgoor, Davide Proserpio, and Ali Tosyali), [Proceeedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 119 (47), 2022.]

Selected Press: WSJ

The Market for Fake Reviews” (with Sherry He and Davide Proserpio)[Marketing Science, 2022,Vol.41(5),p.896-921]

Selected Press: WSJ, The Economist, New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, CNBC, UCLA Anderson Review

Winning Big: Scale and Success in Retail Entrepreneurship” (with Renato Giroldo) [Marketing Science, 2021, Vol. 41(2), p.271-293] Video: FTC Microeconomics Conference (at 1 hour mark)

Leveraging Loyalty Programs Using Competitor Based Targeting” (with Wayne Taylor) [Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2021, Vol. 19, p. 417-455]

Taxation and Market Power in the Legal Marijuana Industry” (with Kosuke Uetake) [RAND Journal of Economics, 2021, Vol. 52(3), p.559-595]

Selected Press: UCLA Anderson Review, Leafy, Connecticut Post, Investorplace, Portland Business Journal, Sierra Sun Times

Horizontal Mergers and Innovation in Concentrated Industries”  Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2020, Vol. 18, p. 1-37

Advertising Strategy in the Presence of Reviews: an Empirical Analysis”  (with Sridhar Moorthy and Davide Proserpio) Marketing Science, 2019, Vol. 38(5), p. 793-811

Online Reputation Mechanisms and the Decreasing Value of Chain AffiliationJournal of Marketing Research, 2018, Vol. 55(5), p. 636-654 (web appendix)

Selected Press Wall Street Journal  The Week, Asian Hospitality

The Economic Advantages of Chain OrganizationRAND Journal of Economics, 2017, Vol. 48(4), p. 1103-1135

Working Papers:

The Impact of Dollar Store Expansion on Local Market Structure and Food Access” (with El Hadi Caoui and Matthew Osborne)

“The Role of Strategic Retail Assortment Differentiation in Product Proliferation” (with Sylvia Hristakeva and Kosuke Uetake)

“Retailer Competition and Assortment Differentiation: Evidence from Entry Lotteries” (with Sylvia Hristakeva and Kosuke Uetake)

“Online Rating Manipulation and Consumer Welfare” (with Ashvin Gandhi)

Concentration, Retail Markups, and Countervailing Power: Evidence from Retail Lotteries” (with Renato Giroldo)

Sales and Rank on” (technical note) (with Sherry He)


How Fake Customer Reviews Do – And Don’t – Work” (with Sherry He and Davide Proserpio), Harvard Business Review, 2020

How to Make Your Loyalty Program Pay Off” (with Wayne Taylor), Harvard Business Review, 2021

Exploiting Social Media for Fake Reviews: Evidence from Facebook and Amazon” (with Sherry He and Davide Proserpio), ACM SIGecom Exchanges, 2021, Vol.19(2), p.68-74