Brett Hollenbeck

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I am an Assistant Professor at UCLA Anderson School of Management. My research is in empirical industrial organization and quantitative marketing. You can find my CV here.

Find me on: SSRN, Twitter, LinkedIn


Taxation and Market Power in the Legal Marijuana Industry” (with Kosuke Uetake) [Forthcoming at RAND Journal of Economics]

Selected Press: UCLA Anderson Review, Leafy, Connecticut Post, Investorplace, Portland Business Journal, Sierra Sun Times

Horizontal Mergers and Innovation in Concentrated Industries”  Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2020, Vol. 18, p. 1-37

Advertising Strategy in the Presence of Reviews: an Empirical Analysis”  (with Sridhar Moorthy and Davide Proserpio) Marketing Science, 2019, Vol. 38(5), p. 793-811

Online Reputation Mechanisms and the Decreasing Value of Chain AffiliationJournal of Marketing Research, 2018, Vol. 55(5), p. 636-654 (web appendix)

Selected Press Wall Street Journal  The Week, Asian Hospitality

The Economic Advantages of Chain OrganizationRAND Journal of Economics, 2017, Vol. 48(4), p. 1103-1135

Working Papers:

Winning Big: Scale and Success in Retail Entrepreneurship” (with Renato Giroldo) [Revise and Resubmit at Marketing Science] Video: FTC Microeconomics Conference (at 1 hour mark)

Leveraging Loyalty Programs Using Competitor Based Targeting” (with Wayne Taylor) [Revise and Resubmit at Quantitative Marketing and Economics]

The Market for Fake Reviews” (with Sherry He and Davide Proserpio) [Revise and Resubmit at Marketing Science]

Selected Press: Business Insider, CNBC, The Economist, New York Times, Harvard Business Review, UCLA Anderson Review

Sales and Rank on” (with Sherry He)

“Revealed Preference Heterogeneity Through Online Ratings” (with Yufeng Huang)